Benefits of rebounding to your posture


Just 8 weeks rebounding helps bone mineral density in women.

What are the Low Impact Rebounding Bone Density Benefits.  Women were tested in jumping programs for hip bone mineral density before and and after rebounding for 8 weeks. Low Impact Rebounding Bone Density Benefits 

Research published in the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP) demonstrates that jumping just 20 times a day could significantly lessen your risk of osteoporosis. 


Double the Bounce…Double the Benefits.

After 16 weeks of jump training, hip Bone Density Mineral (BDM) was significantly improved in pre-menapausl women jumping compared with controls who did not jump.

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Rebound Fitness Health Benefits

Benefits of Rebounding 

Listed Benefits of Rebounding

  • Balance and Stability Strength
  • Co-ordination Improvement
  • Weight Dropping
  • Body Shaping
  • Muscle Building  
  • Low impact on Joints
  • Lymph draining
  • Energy Enhancing
  • Bone Density Building
  • Improved circulation
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Strength
Why I chose the Bellicon for ReboundFIt BMI Bounce -The Best Bounce in High Wycombe Town
Rebounding at Rebound Fit in High Wycombe Bucks has  researched the softest bounce dessigned to give the least amount of strain on your joints while exercising especially important in overstrained joints if you are overweight.

Some of the Listed Benefits to taking this rebound class in wycombe that the elasticisty of the bungees serve to reduce the impact on knees and joints but with all the healthy benefits of cario workout. All round fitness is achieved and most of all the exercise is fun.  

Why Was ReboundFit started?