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Hi I am Rosi and at Rebound Fit.co.uk and reboundwell.com providing the most gentle and healthiest best rebounding experience for llarger ladies.  If you want to lose weight i suggest tring one of only 3 soft bungee rebounding classes in the Uk.

My BMI + Bounce  and BIG bounce exercise class has elite equipment bellicon equipment that helps the  challenge of exercise when carrying a lot of extra weight.  This equipment has been researched and selected for  comfort and health benefits. Your body deserves nothing less than the best at this weight as you begin to bounce back, and rebounding is known to have the greatest benefits to aerobic capacity, as well as muscle and  joint building capacity, and fitness benefits as researched by NASA

About My Weight Loss

With the weight I was carrying around (see below), and illness meant that certain exercises left my feet aching and knee and hip pains. Other types of exercises I found challenging and a chore, so I was  challenged to stay motivated to exercise between bouts of treatment (which i was told was helpful). 

I  found out about, the benefits of rebounding while researching healthiest exercise generally and then purchased the Bellicon equipment.  It was the most logical choice.  

Getting the right kind of exercise for your body is really important but so is having fun. If you intend to make exercise a part of your daily routine and lifestyle  it has to be enjoyable.  This was an added bonus I did not expect.   

My Before (leaving Hospital at 18st) and impromptu picture after

Why Bellicon Bungee Rebounding

 I research all kinds of rebounders and then the bungee rebounders but none of them took my weight or had reviews that left me questioning the quality of the equipment.  10 years later…I still have my original bellicon (above).  They are still costly with few for re-sale for a reason.  At the end of the day (months actually) after all the research, this was the only equipment for me and I believe anyone over 17 stones but highly beneficial if you are looking for a gentle bounce back.

About My Background

Instructor Qualifications:

Bellicon Fitness Instructor


Rebound Therapist (MIRT &  NASC)

Member of Institute for Rebound Therapy  National Association of Sports Coaches

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

 (BPS) British Psychological Society

Me and my first bellicon

Academic Background:

Chartered Psychologist 

CPsychol. (BPS) (Res Educ)

MSc. Soc. Research Methods 

BSc. Psychology (Hons)

PGCE (Psychology/Health & Social Care)