Co-Vid Update

There are no venue  run classes at the current time.

NASA's - Healthiest Exercise Ever

.Just 10 minutes NASA say is equivalent to 1/2 hour jogging or cardio training for restoring muscle tone and fitness (without the impact or strain on the body).    

Bungee Rebounding
(BIG Bounce Back!)

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The BMI+ BIG Bounce is perfect bungee bounce for weight loss and illness recovery.  Whatever your size you can still be fit with the elasticity of the super strong bungee which delivers a flex and relax gentle bounce motion


Book a 1-2-1 BIG Bounce or online BIG class workout that will have you motivated,  building stronger muscles and shaping up in no time.  




Gentle Moves to graduated moves from beginner to intermediate.

Keep  your fitness levels up with A fun 45 minute enjoyable bounce back online only at present.

 Accelerate Complete- Weight Loss, Fitness and Wellbeing 

Nourish and hydrate

Purchase units individually or a complete weight loss package including monthly coaching, Emotional Awareness Toolkit and Forum Support