Co-Vid Update

There are no venue  run classes from the month of November due to lockdown restrictions and health and safety complience.  Please see bookings for online for available rebounding classes.

NASA's - Healthiest Exercise Ever

.Just 10 minutes NASA say is equivalent to 1/2 hour jogging or cardio training for restoring muscle tone and fitness (without the impact or strain on the body).  

The BMI+ BIG Bounce is perfect bungee bounce for weight loss and illness recovery.  Whatever your size you can still be fit with the elasticity of the super strong bungee which delivers a flex and relax gentle bounce motion (no jumping necessary) .  The BMI+ is a dedicated bounce class accommodating any size and designed for you to have a fun workout at your pace and without stress and strain on joints and muscles

The Highly Supportive BMI+ BIG Bounce for fuller ladies or those wanting a gentle bounce.

See below for a holistic combination of ReboundFit in a unique holistic weight management experience to ReboundWell.

Bungee Rebounding
(Bounce Back!)

If you are looking for a rebounder, online or in class, I still recommend the bellicon bungee bounce. It is perfect for any weight, any size and larger bodies reap immediate benefit from the gentle flex and relax softness.

Cant buy one yet! The Maximus Pro level rebounder is used by online clients.

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If you are already quite fit, then Nothing But the Bounce class will have you sweating as you bounce to  your natural beat..   Keep your feet on the mat or lift off with progressive moves  then graduate to a bigger bounce with the Nothing but the Bounce.


Book a 1-2-1 Weight Loss bounce back that will have you motivated,  building stronger muscles and shaping up in no time.  Combined your exercise with wellbeing coaching sessions, to tackle emotional aspects of eating and bounce back fit.




BMI + Gentle Health Bounce Classes to
Get Your Groove On!


Gentle Moves to graduated moves from beginner to intermediate. This 45 minute sweat bounce will get you moving and grooving!  The begins with a gentle warm up bounce working up to NBTB fitness workout


Lost a significant amount of  weight already, or just want to keep fit and ratchet up your fitness level!  


Keep  your fitness levels up with A fun 45 minute bounce back in class or online


(Intermediate and the online class requires premium equipment)

Holistic Weight Management to ReboundWell

ReboundWell – 18 stone++ 

BIG Promotion 

A truely unique and Holistic Combination for weight management that works!

Rebound Well Accepts that there will be setbacks – but that these will help you to become stronger

Explore your emotions and identity and apply unique strategies  for progress and bounce back in any area of your wellbeing.

Select from Foundation Units

  • Emotional self awareness  Techniques
  • Exploring Divine Ideas on Self
  • Develop identity based Peace Meditations
  • Bounce Back Mentality
  • Responding  to the outside environment
  • Engage in Positively Body Conscious Exercises
  • Learn  & Apply  Strategies (Foundations for change) 
  • Engage with  Coaching and community support
  • Food for Thought

Rebound Wellbeing helps to establish and connect with your spiritual and physical identity as a foundation to help you bounce back well.  

Explore and Develop your personal and physical, and spiritual self identity as a foundation for rebounding well from setbacks.

Why I Started Rebounding Before

Before and After
  • Balance and Stability 
  • Bone Density Building
  • Co-ordination Improvement
  • Lymph Draining
  • Weight Dropping
  • Muscle Building 

if you are overweight and less active than you would like or have pain, you must try the soft bungee bellicon is the perfect way aid to circulation and lymph drainage, necessary to build and maintain good health.  Build core muscle strength, stabilize weight and improve co-ordination, stability and gain flexibility.  Do all this while burning fat.  

The softer bounce will accommodate you and provide for muscle and joint strengthening. You wont believe how quickly your body will respond.

Recovery, Accelerated Weight Loss, Fitness

 After major illness I was much more seriously overweight and with low motivation to join a gym. Leaving hospital above (before) at nearly 18 stones and not happy with my weight … 

…after extensive cancer treatments and lengthy inactivity I had steadily watched my weight going up and up.  I had to  find something to work with my aching body.

I wanted to do and would take my weight.  I bought the bellicon with a gold clip then the green to do more intense workouts as fitness improved.    I now use Red clips (between the two) in classes and sought out dealing with the emotional roller coaster of a ride I was on!

Why I Keep Rebounding After

Before and After
  • Low impact on Joints
  • Lymph Draining
  • Energy Enhancing
  • Body Shaping
  • Improved circulation
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Strength 

Now is the time!.  After prolonged inactivity or illness, you can very gently get fit with the BMI+ starting one to one from Seated or standing exercises to with no or super low impact to gentlly.  Trained in rebound therapy I can help you bounce your way to a fitter you.  on the super strong and soft bellicon.    Contact me about my 1 to 1 service.


Why not speed up your progress and quickly see and feel the difference with a Double the Bounce class to get more bounce out of the week.  


Recognition  of emotional, nutritional factors is a big factor and exploring the psychological aspects to Rebound Well

Simplified  Nutritious and Nourishing 

Eat Sheet

Spiritual Self- Identity Discovery Course


Self Awareness Tool 

Now is the time!.  

A Feel Good Bounce - Fun and Effortless & Effective!

The bellicon Bounce is really that soft it’s beautiful.

With this bungee based bounce, No annoying squeak/NO hard impact/No need to jump.   You wont be able to stop yourself!  Finally! an exercise kind, enjoyable and affective.

What Customers Say

‘I always feel like I have a thorough workout..’but nothing hurts afterward and its fun! 

“A workout that is fun” 

Love at first Bounce”

Before the  classes I thought I had a good rebounder.

“Its amazing how quickly your get balance and improve fitness..its so effective”

Join the ReboundFit Community for your Supportive Bounce Back

A Guide to choosing the right Gentle and Effective Exercise Online


 Classification  BMI (kg/m 2 )
 Healthy Weight with balance  or movement issues
(A Gentle guided balance and flexibility Bounce) 

Healthy weight needing fun fitness (low impact)
BMI+ 1 to 1 Bounce Back

Nothing but the Bounce
 Mildly Weight Challenged Up to 17 stones  Nothing But the Bounce Class ( taster available for fitness dependent)
Nothing But the Bounce 1 to 1
Very Weight Challenged up to 23 stones BMI+ Bounce Class
Heavily Weight Challenged or disability up to 32 stones BMI+ 1 to 1 Rebound Therapy * subject to medical consultation.