NASA's - Healthiest Exercise Ever

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Bungee Rebounding

(BMI+ Bounce Back!)

First Bouonce Class 2019 

.Just 10 minutes NASA say is equivalent to 1/2 hour jogging or cardio training for restoring muscle tone and fitness (without the impact or strain on the body).    Notice a change in fitness within weeks.

The BMI+ BIG Bounce is perfect bungee bounce for weight loss and illness recovery.  Whatever your size you can still be fit with the elasticity of the super strong bungee which delivers a flex and relax gentle bounce motion that tones as you bonce.


 BMI  BOUNCE BACK (Progressive)

On 6 week Course (June start)

This is also a great  course for your BOUNCE BACK whatever your fitness, bonce-ability, size or age. 

Set your target, Book your bounce.  Enjoy!

Gentle Moves to graduated moves from beginner to intermediate.  All classes start with a generic warm up followed by music accompanied workout with regressed and progressed movements according to your fitness level.  Find your natural bounce and improve fitness.


BMI Bounce

Keep  an eye out for our fitness fun and enjoyable bounce POPUP events this summer.

Started by Rosi (Bottom Left) after recovering from illness Gentle with little to no impact.  Go at your pace to keep moving with little or no impact.  Class is 45min approx 5000 steps. The calories burned are up to you!   

 A fitter you is the result!

 BIG Bounce Back – 1-2-1

Grab your  bellicon, book and join the BIG Bounce Back  workout that will have you motivated,  building stronger muscles and shaping up in no time.  If you need  1 to 1 support, you can book  additional individual coaching to help you get back on track.