Co-Vid Update

Classes are Resuming Class maximum is 6 Booking NOW  AVAILABLE!  

NASA's - Healthiest Exercise Ever

.Just 10 minutes NASA say is equivalent to 1/2 hour jogging or cardio training for restoring muscle tone and fitness (without the impact or strain on the body).    

Bungee Rebounding
(BMI+ Bounce Back!)

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The BMI+ BIG Bounce is perfect bungee bounce for weight loss and illness recovery.  Whatever your size you can still be fit with the elasticity of the super strong bungee which delivers a flex and relax gentle bounce motion


Book a 1-2-1 BIG Bounce Back  workout that will have you motivated,  building stronger muscles and shaping up in no time.  If you need  1 to 1 support,  book  this local 30 minute individual training session at a location near you to get you bouncing back.

BMI Bungee Bouncce

Gentle Moves to graduated moves from beginner to intermediate.  All classes start with a generic warm up followed by music accompanied workout with regressed and progressed movements according to your fitness level.  Find your natural bounce and improve fitness.

This is also a great class for group bookings for mixed ability for a fun bounce.  Got a location?  Got a music selection? Why not book a Group bounce!

Keep  your fitness levels  Ladies with A fun 45 minute enjoyable bounce back on Saturdays at Hughenden Village Hall.  

 BIG Bounce Back – Complete Fitness and Wellbeing