Craving and body language

Cravings and Body Language

Cravings and Body Language

Craving and body language

Is this really What I Need?


Demystifying cravings can happen when we relearn to read our own body language.  

When I hit by an unexpected ice cream craving, this was a good opportunity to practice a strategy in the Emotional awareness toolkit to explore what my Ice cream Craving revealed, about what my body really wanted.  

The Mind-Body Re-Connection

At the presentation of a craving there is sudden fear response and experience, an uneasy reviewing of my resolve and will power in the face of this seeming ‘image of paradise’ as it is presented t o my mind.  
Practice Makes Perfect
It has begun to occur to me much quicker these days to allow myself time to pause for thought, and rather to dwell on my state of craving itself and not on questioning my resolve.
Getting a Clearer Picture of What is behind the Craving
Unpacking the Craving
Context: Taking stock, is  just taking time to realize how I feel, including about my environment, physical state and activity engaged in. 
Craving: Employing Logic I asked myself first to describe the craving and then what I was feeling.  
Imagery /Associations: Allowing myself to imagine the ice cream I was able to ask some questions and get to some answers.


Employing Self Coaching Questions

The context was it was a very bright spring day. It was also the end of a long work day filled in which I had been in all day and I felt tired and with less energy than when I started.  Ready to down tools!

What I was craving or looking forward to was the cold, refreshing, liquid  sensation sweetness and awakening cold.

The image and association was with relaxing, summer break treat and reward at the end of a long period of work

Questions to further unpack the craving

Q. What other sweet foods are a real treat?

Q. What else do I feel is cold or cooling when consumed?

Q.  Are there other foods I like that is high in water (wet) and refreshing?

What other things are associated with relaxing, summer break treat

So what did I end up eating?


I had Pineapple (which for me is spelt paradise) and a glass of water…this took care of that craving nicely (without the sickly sweet sugar and the guilt and necessary weight loss after) and with the added bonus of lifting my mood and sense of triumph.  I treated myself to another helping!

Practice Makes Perfect

This outcome is a great contribution to positive memory associations for future good eating habits during touch times of craving.

A sharp Focus on What your body really wants.
Nourish and Hydration Foods

Come to think of it, not a drop of water or liquid had passed my lips for the day.  I can see now how many times I have simply misinterpreted the messages my body has been trying to send me as I have been out of touch.  I Feel the more I give my body what it needs the clearer it speaks to me.

Why not try the Emotional Self Awareness technique today and start seeing results as you begin to understand your Cravings and Body Language.

Healthy Eating Mission accomplished another small win Yey! It all helps

Combating Emotional Eating with Self-Kindness

Food for Mood - Changing Mood Eating Behaviour

Crisp Craving Level 9

Battling with Mood -
Self Awareness Tools and 10 Strategies that help!

“After years of battling with emotional eating, finally I discovered tools to use for self awareness, self acceptance and a kind to gently but steadily deal with my emotions.  I now can  allow them expression so that the energy can be released conscious way that helps me  think more clearly.  I can now see more clearly what is affecting me and consciously work to change the way they impact my emotions have on my eating.  I am finally coming to terms with and understanding myself ”  
Mood and Food Cravings
What I ended up eating with a level 9 Crisp craving!

When your mood and resultant cravings are undermining all your efforts to eat healthily and stay fit, some serious action is needed, but kind action.  No kicking yourself or shrugging your shoulders isn’t going to do it, but a little acknowledgement of the unsettling event goes a long way!.  

This post deals with strategies I use to curve the effects of emotional upheaval on my mood eating behaviours.  Here are some of the things I did (today) to combat a serious craving for crisp (level 9 picked up the crisp bought them got them home and opened them.  At this point you might think “well eat them already” but I still haven’t eaten them…well not all of them.  This is headway and no small fete once they are opened.  So what did I do.

Strategies Used to Change Mood Today

  1. Tell myself, its ok! I can have it BUT I have to eat good food first, or eat good food with it that would go nicely.
  2. While I prepare the good food, acknowledge the connection to the why.   I am craving this food because ….(linking the emotional disturbance or disequilibrium to the craving) this self explanation once practiced comes readily at this point.   
  3. Explain to myself that I deserve this (good) food, because I need extra comfort, and this will nourish me (see nourish and hydrate free download and strategies).
  4. Throw in craving buster juice (previously discovered) 
  5. Pick a little at the nice food while preparing, adding more little amounts of favourite tasty foods (also just bought)
  6. Sip at the juice (taste test)..yum…realize how filling it is really! compared to the empty action eating crisp with no nourishment! ..and sip some more.
  7. Notice or realize that the emotional eating, does not need to be the craved food…(which at this point in the past I would normally have scoffed down, unconsciously trying to drown the emotions) ,   and wonder if it would be overkill but add some salted nuts to now prepped salad.
  8. I Notice now the illogical connection between feelings about the food and my emotions,  which food would normally only serves to redirect the energy expenditure from my  emotionali state a to my stomach  to deal with the crap I just ate. 
  9. Suddently I feel good about the  healthy choice of meal and realize I wont have room for the junk and feel thirsty
  10. Drink some water ! …and decide to use the energy on something else more productive and write this blog to re-inforced the positive behaviour so that it has greater and deeper positive associations so that it is more likely to be repeated next time this craving occurs (which of course is exactly what just happened)….Yey!
Benefits of rebounding to your posture

Benefits of Rebounding on Posture

What are the Benefits of Rebounding on Posture on low impact bungee equipment.  It improves balance and posture so that you maintain correct alignment. And the benefits don’t end there.

The benefits dont end there!  Posture has significant affect on later health. Dr Tim Errington in his book and video on why ‘Posture Matters’ explains well the positive and ill effects of posture in life, well-being and future illhealth.  

It is useful for us to know how poor posture may be associated with our health?  Posture determines the shape and health of your spine and tone of the CNS. Is  your poor posture contributing to poor health. It affects the rate of aging and muscle tone and strength

Contracting muscles (tightening) means the opposite muscles are inhibited.  so tight backs = poor abs.  There are benefits of rebounding on posture beasue it engages all muscles and so all balancing muscles all the time.  

Why Rebounding Gives you energy

The up and down G force works the whole body and cell mitochondria (energy) is stimulated, as a result of this is an enrgizing bounce but also one of the best things for improving balance.  The instable surface means you strengthen core muscles effortlessly as you have fun. 

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Bouncing on the strong, but pliable surface automatically engages your brain and inner ear, improving proprioception – your body’s awareness of its position in space.

Benefits of rebounding to your posture


Just 8 weeks rebounding helps bone mineral density in women.

What are the Low Impact Rebounding Bone Density Benefits.  Women were tested in jumping programs for hip bone mineral density before and and after rebounding for 8 weeks. Low Impact Rebounding Bone Density Benefits 

Research published in the American Journal of Health Promotion (AJHP) demonstrates that jumping just 20 times a day could significantly lessen your risk of osteoporosis. 


Double the Bounce…Double the Benefits.

After 16 weeks of jump training, hip Bone Density Mineral (BDM) was significantly improved in pre-menapausl women jumping compared with controls who did not jump.

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Rebound Fitness Health Benefits

Benefits of Rebounding 

Listed Benefits of Rebounding

  • Balance and Stability Strength
  • Co-ordination Improvement
  • Weight Dropping
  • Body Shaping
  • Muscle Building  
  • Low impact on Joints
  • Lymph draining
  • Energy Enhancing
  • Bone Density Building
  • Improved circulation
  • Core and Pelvic Floor Strength
Why I chose the Bellicon for ReboundFIt BMI Bounce -The Best Bounce in High Wycombe Town
Rebounding at Rebound Fit in High Wycombe Bucks has  researched the softest bounce dessigned to give the least amount of strain on your joints while exercising especially important in overstrained joints if you are overweight.

Some of the Listed Benefits to taking this rebound class in wycombe that the elasticisty of the bungees serve to reduce the impact on knees and joints but with all the healthy benefits of cario workout. All round fitness is achieved and most of all the exercise is fun.  

Why Was ReboundFit started?