Nothing But the Bounce Class- SINGLE BOUNCE BACK


Group Bellicon Fun Workout Routines – Feel the Bounce, and shape up at the same time with this highly effective workout to get you moving and grooving to lose weight with your own natural bounce.

Bounce workout to music with simple routines designed to get you moving, loose weight and toneing while you dance away.


For added effect why not register for more than 1 class a week.

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In this  Nothing But the Bounce class, we start with the basic Health Bounce movements,  progress your workout but allowing you to workout at your own pace.  The class starts keeping your feet firmly grounded, progressing to a lift and drop of  your heals for a  more vigorous bounce and quickly progressing to lifting off of the mat with open chain bouncing to really get moving and grooving to the beat of some good music! No high kicks, no loud squeaking, or crazy music, nothing but the bounce and good fun.

This is the perfect exercise for women looking for a health bounce with little or no impact or strain on joints or ligaments. The flex and relax motion of the bounce is great for muscle and joints. Great for circulation, lungs and heart health, this exercise packs energy of a run but with less stress on the heart with less oxygen expenditure  with 68 percent more benefit than running. 

Why not Double the bounce and  double the result!  Take your fitness to the next level with a and put a spring  in your step (no matter the time of year) as you step up to a fitter you.  Choose more than one boune and Bounce to de-stress with the week end boune back or at the endo f the day with a bounce class at one of bounce classes on offer.

Take advantage of the discounted price for a ‘take 2’ double booking of this bounce.  You can even use your reboundfit voucher code to get a further 20% when you book this bounce twice.    With this multiple use code using it on you subsequent (2nd) bounce (however many classes you book).  Book multiple classes and get more bounce for your buck.  Very effective in conjunction with wellbeing coaching