BMI+ Gentle Bounce Back -( 6 Sessions at Hughenden)

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Group Bellicon Fun Workout Routines – Feel the Bounce 

Workout to music with simple routines designed to get you moving, loose weight and tone.

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Starting with basic Health Bounce movements, this BMI+ Gentle Health Bounce  workout to music. 

Jumping Jack Flash: This exercise equivalent to a running with less stress and 68% more effective on some health measures

This is a highly effective bounce that has so many multiple health benefits. Between the the serotonin release to the dopamine hit, once you bunce you will not want to stop.  Lift your mood as you lift off with the caressing bungee bounce that will have  you sleeping like a baby.

This 30 minute class (after a suitable warm up) will have you bouncing into shape at your own pace.  Start by keeping your feet firmly grounded for a thorough lower leg workout, gradually lift and drop your heals for a slightly more vigorous workout, or Later, lift off! with open chain bouncing as you move and grove  your upper and lower body.  Then just enjoy the bounce!  The  ReboundFit Bounce is a supportive environment with helpful advice. Register on the website to receive advice and information and even course to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Take advantage of the support of the small group and the discussions on the couch on topics associated with your BMI+ Gentle Health Bounce Class, with topics such as emotional aspects of eating and body image to help you kick start your weight loss and fitness goals.  

If you are not ready for a class bounce  back try our 1-2-1 bounce back rebounding or bounce back coaching.  No matter what you choose this Love at first bounce Exercise, will help your muscles Flex and relax gently but effectively to bounce back and lose weight as you increase your fitness and increase energy expenditure combined with sensible eating.  If you need to tackle emotional eating and other issues contributing to your weight loss, the Bespoke BMI 1 to 1 Health Bounce is a Love at first bounce bellicon soft bounce that will have you bouncing back in no time as your will not want to stop this effective bounce Supplement your fitness goal buy accessing  the  complete and holistic bounce back wellbeing coaching

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