NBTB – Health – Double the Bounce (4 Weeks)


Group Bellicon Fun Workout Routines – Feel the Bounce 

Workout to music with simple routines designed to get you moving, loose weight and tone.

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Put your health 1st  with this Premium bellicon Bounce. 

This NBTB – Health – Double the Bounce (4 Weeks) will start with basic Health bounce moves, then use bounce movements to music that let you jump for joy.  Actually I should say bounce for joy.  The progressive and regressive moves will allow you bounce your way fit at your pace.  Your body quickly adjusts to improve your body lymph drainage, circulation efficiency and shape up, as you double the bounce.  Quickly see fitness improvement and ditch breathless walks. 

In this  Nothing But the Bounce class, regressive and progress movements are demonstrated allowing you to workout at your own pace and have fun, moving and grooving to the beat of some good music! No high kicks, no loud squeaking, or crazy music, nothing but the bounce and good fun.

This NBTB – Health – Double the Bounce (4 Weeks) is the perfect exercise for women. If you are looking for a health bounce with little or no impact or strain on joints or ligaments. The flex and relax motion of the bounce is great for muscle and joints. Great for circulation, lungs and heart health, this exercise packs energy of a run but with less stress on the heart with less oxygen expenditure  with 68 percent more benefit than running. 

Super Charge Your fitness with a Double the Bounce 4 week ReboundFit Program

WARNING!!! the bellicon is bouncy!


There are only 3 classes like it in the UK!  Why not Double the bounce and  double the result!  Double the bounce will help you to take your fitness to the next level with and put a spring  in your step (no matter the time of year) as you step up to a fitter you.  Choose more than one boune and Bounce to de-stress with the week end boune back or at the endo f the day with a bounce class at one of bounce classes on offer.

With a multiple use discount code you can book and save using on your first and  subsequent (2nd & 3rd) bounce (however many classes you book).  Book multiple classes and get more bounce for your buck. 

Join me and the ReboundFit community for a workout to your favourite music.  Get fit quickly with fun routines as you bounce your way towards your fitness goals.   Use your discount code for savings at the checkout. 

The average energy expenditure measures show that you will do around 5000 steps 50/70% cardio and fat burn, and about  2.3 miles in the 45 minute session.  This os depending on individual exertion.

Very effective in conjunction with wellbeing coaching if you are looking for more holistic wellbeing or weight loss.


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