BIG Bounce ( 8 Weeks) Online Group 5


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Beginners Bounce – Soft and gentle Bounce Back workout.
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This is a 45 minutes  twice weekly Gentle with a capital BMI BIG BOUNCE  is online. This bounce will improve the lymphatic drainage system for detox and muscle tone.  The movements will aid mind/body co-ordination, heart health and general fitness, but most of all make you feel Goooood!.  

This online class is designed especially for those looking for an aid to fitness surrounding weight Loss.  eel the difference within weeks with this uniquely bounce exercise.  You can take this class whatever your size or weight as these 1-2-1- will be geared to your fitness level with progression and regression (easier moves).  Bounce at your own pace with responsive trainer qualified in working with all weights and disabilities.  Gradually bounce your way fit after a  few minutes health check in and personal goals check in.  Continual encouraging, great music, fun and helpful information during the class to support your health and fitness goals and regular breaks when needed. (totalling 45 minutes)

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A real mood lifting exercise!

After some basic stretching, learn the basic Health Bounce movements, workout to music at your own pace.  With regression and progression movements you can keep your feet firmly grounded for a thorough lower leg workout or gradually Lift and drop your heals for a slightly more vigorous workout.  You will soon naturally leave the mat for open-chain bouncing all while getting your upper body moving and shaping up.    Enjoy the finding your natural natural bounce to various rhythms and beats as you get fit while by grooving to your favourite music.  This is a real joy bounce bounce.  Progress naturally to the BMI progressive bounce and Nothing But the Bounce.

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