Terms and Conditions

Classes booked online trigger an e-mail confirmation.  (Please check for confirmation of booking before leaving/arriving to avoid disappointment).  Attendee: If for any reason you cannot attend a pre-booked class try to give 24 hours notice before classes

Class Cancellation Policy

Attendee:    Course bookings can be cancelled after 15 minutes and before 8 hours prior to commencement without penalty. 

Instructor: Refund will be provided in full or voucher given towards future courses up to and equal the amount of the class cost where cancellation occurs.  Please check for any notification before leaving for the class.  

Sale items are not subject discount. Courses where  multiple classes  are advertised are already discounted and are for a specified period of time within that 6 week period, beginning on the first start date or the natural discharge of the 6 weeks as run.  Discounted and sale items are not subject to refund for non-attendance except where cancellation of the class by the vendor occurs.  No refunds are given for unused bookings.  

Continuing to booking signifies that you agree to the terms and conditions of booking.