BMI+  1  to 1 Bespoke Fitness

 Weight from 23 up to 32 stones. 

This is a bespoke service and the bounce offers closed chain gentle bounce to get you and your lymphatic system moving and detoxing while you burn fat but with no impact.  This class works on mobility and movement and incorporates motivational and wellbeing coaching.
 The bellicon  for this class utilizes the Ultra Strong green Clip takes up to 32 stones.  The firmer but instable surface allows for stability of larger users.   
This is used for heavier weights and for 1 to 1 HITT training but not recommended at the upper weight.  
This service is offered in your home (subject to space) and subject to small travel fee depending on area.


BMI+ Health  Class Weight Loss and Fitness

Weight up to 17 – 23 stones
Get moving and Grooving with closed chain gentle bouncing to music to stimulate weight loss and detoxification as well as increase circulation and tone the body. The bounce is gentle yet highly effective at gently raising heart rate and fitness.
The Strong red Clip takes up to 23 stones, and is a softer bounce due to the more stretchy bungess gives a bouncier soft workout but this also provides  more stability. Ideal for core strength to balance making this a bounce workout.

Nothing But The Bounce (New)

Weight – any weight up to 23 stones
A more vigorous workout to Improve or maintain fitness and shape up and trim down, or just enjoy the bounce down whatever your size.

Energise to music and bounce your way to fitness with open and closed chain bounces designed to increase fitness, and shape up and lose weight at a faster pace.  

Once stable and more agile on the bellicon and after some weight loss this is a more lively bounce is fun and will have your wanting more. The strong red clip allows for a gentle bounce but to increase the intensity.A

Membership Services


The emotional coaching support strategies for Emotional Self-Awareness is on offer to ReboundFit Memberships.  Take this support coaching alongside the Bounce Back program , then this will this enlighten and speed your weight loss journey.  This emotional support is offered to you in conjunction with the ReboundWell Inside Out Wellbeing programme.


This Strategies for Emotional Self-Awareness tool, offers you  help to move towards increased emotional self awareness .   

This Strategies for Emotional Awareness tool with unique and innovative process with one-to-one coaching then you will find this an to aid in finding insight into confusing emotional eating. 

As you develop your skill at emotional self-awareness coaching, this will provide good support your weight management. This tool and offers you help to move towards increased emotional self awareness , and relation to food.  

If you combine this with unique and innovative process with emotional coaching then you will find this an to aid in finding insight into confusing emotional eating.