What are the Benefits of Rebounding on Posture on low impact bungee equipment.  It improves balance and posture so that you maintain correct alignment. And the benefits don’t end there.

The benefits dont end there!  Posture has significant affect on later health. Dr Tim Errington in his book and video on why ‘Posture Matters’ explains well the positive and ill effects of posture in life, well-being and future illhealth.  

It is useful for us to know how poor posture may be associated with our health?  Posture determines the shape and health of your spine and tone of the CNS. Is  your poor posture contributing to poor health. It affects the rate of aging and muscle tone and strength

Contracting muscles (tightening) means the opposite muscles are inhibited.  so tight backs = poor abs.  There are benefits of rebounding on posture beasue it engages all muscles and so all balancing muscles all the time.  

Why Rebounding Gives you energy

The up and down G force works the whole body and cell mitochondria (energy) is stimulated, as a result of this is an enrgizing bounce but also one of the best things for improving balance.  The instable surface means you strengthen core muscles effortlessly as you have fun. 

Book a bellicon bounce for soft low impact flex/relax bounce with added benefits.

Bouncing on the strong, but pliable surface automatically engages your brain and inner ear, improving proprioception – your body’s awareness of its position in space.