NBTB Bounce Back Health Class

NBTB Bounce Back Health Class

Nothing But the Class - Health Bounce Back Class

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Intermediate: Heart Health, Muscle Build, Balance and Tone

This Bounce Back Health Class (progressive), allows you to move to the groove.  Enjoy this Bounce Back to music.  Start at your own pace, and graduate your Bounce moves. Bounce Back Health Class.  A real Bounce (with a capital B) to help you bounce back to health. 

No stress or strain…Start at your level and raise your heart rate gradually with your natural bounce. Build muscle tone to your favourite tune. Increase energy with your favourite beat.  Notice increased fitness, balance and co-ordination and sense of fun with the natural release of neurochemicals to lift your mood as you literally ‘jump for joy’ or should I say bounce for joy.  

Begin this NBTB Bounce Back Health Class by keeping your feet grounded on the matt for a warm up to enjoy the bounce then lift off and enjoy your heels for the flex and relax  with no stress! or lift off and  ReboundFit all to guided exercises moves that will have you moving and grooving to music in this Bounce Back  cardio and fat burn class.

This is a Bounce (with a capital B) no need to jump, on this bellicon equipment.  Great for women looking for a real health bounce with no impact or strain on joints or ligaments where the flex and relax will ease your tired muscles and joints almost like a massage.

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