Nothing But The Bounce – 1-2-1 Online

Nothing But the Bounce

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Level: Intermediate. 


What a Way to Workout!

Work on the core muscles in your body while strengthening arms and legs  In addition rebound exercises gently raises your heart rate to improve breathing and circulation and increase energy, all while burning fat and working every cell in your body.

Take the Bounce Back Express:   Double the bounce, double the result!  Take your fitness to the next level with a  more vigorous bounce to really put a spring in your step right up until you can get out into fresh air with a spring or summer open air bounce. 

This bounce will have you rebounding in no time at all as you bounce bounce bounce and ratchet up your fitness level and coordination.  With the soft bellicon you really are are bouncing rather than jumping, in this challenging class.

Additional Benefits of a Soft Bounce:  The soft Bungee bellicon Bounce Workout to improve the lymphatic drainage system and to workout for muscle tone, and Mind/Body co-ordination, and  even aid weigh loss.  With the soft bellicon this really is bouncing rather than jumping, (but you can do that too if  you are bouncing at home online on your own rebounder). Rebounding will keep a  spring in your step in  summer, and help  you  stay  warm on those winter days and  evenings as you stay active with this feel-good bounce. 

**Bellicon or other premium quality rebounder essential


Class Trainer

Rosi Abbott

CPsychol., NASC., MIRT., MSc., PGCE., BSc.,