BMI+ Gentle (Progressive) Bounce Back Classes

BMI + Bellicon Health Bounce Back
Beginners Bounce – Soft and gentle Bungee  Progressive Bounce Back workout.
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Gentle bellicon soft BMI+ Progressive Bounce Back – Get Fit but with a bounce and Lose weight

Getting together to improve your rebound fitness couldn’t be easier with this bellicon soft 45 minutes bounce class. The soft progressive bounce back workout will improve the lymphatic drainage system for your detox, tone your muscle and improve your mind/body co-ordination, and improve your heart health and general fitness.

A great aid to weight Loss (combined with sensible eating and drinking) .  Feel the difference with this uniquely soft bellicon bungee bounce (one of only 3 classes in the UK).

Equipment is the best in the world and takes weights up to 23 stones (in class) and 32 stone 1-2-1 .  A Super bouncy and super strong boune back.   No crazy loud music, no noisy squeak, no hard task master…just small group of ladies and a BIG bounce to support as you bounce your way fit to music in this highly effective rebounding class.

A few minutes to check in with your goals and your off. With encouraging words and information during the class time, it’s all you need groove towards your fitness goals now.

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A real mood lifting exercise!

After learning the basic ReboundFit Health Bounce movements, workout to music at your own pace with regression and progression movements.  Keep your feet firmly grounded for a thorough lower leg workout. Lift and drop your heals for a slightly more vigorous workout or leave the mat for open-chain bouncing while getting your upper body moving.  Then just enjoy the bounce as you find your natural bounce and get fit effortlessly as you move and grove and literally jump for joy (or should I say bounce for joy).

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